By Catherine Oni

Often time we all beliieve having that university degree with masters (Msc ) and other professional degrees is the best way to boost your chances of getting a job faster. This is kind of true but not very true in all cases. Having a degree without taking other necessary steps will end up not getting you a job while some with less education qualification are already employed and getting promoted.

However, acoording to a research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the unemployment rate for college graduates was just 2.1%, compared to 3.9% for high school graduates and 5.7% for those without a high school diploma. Even in August 2008, during the Great Recession, college grads had a mere 2.8% unemployment rate, compared to 5.8% of high school graduates and 9.7% of those without a high school diploma. Despite the question of whether or not a college degree is worth the time and money, statistics like these clearly support the investment.

What are the necessary steps to take to get a job as soon as possible?

  1. Be willing to work.
  2. Be ready to take any offer for a start.
  3. Don’t follow your passion, but follow your ability. If you must follow your passion, then build your ability for that thing you’re passionate about.
  4. Pick up a career that requires your skills so that you don’t end up getting stuck.
  5. Be ready to boost your network by connecting with people who can help in getting you there.
  6. Try engaging in internship roles where you can gather much experinece faster.
  7. Update your resume.
  8. Tap into your network
  9. Be well familiar with all job search sites.
  10. Start rehearsing for your job interview and lastly
  11. Keep tracking your applications.

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