After recruiting over ten (10) employees for Pharmable Plus, Bloombridge Consulting conducted a two (2) days training session for it’s new employees.

The training took place from Wednesday 18th, to Thursday 19th March 2020. The topic of the training was on ” Work Ethics and Sales Team Effectiveness “.
This training was to sensitize the employees for better productivity in their new work environment.

The topic ( Work Ethics and Sales Team Effectiveness) was necessary because it taught them the essence of abiding by both general and the company’s specific work ethics. It also taught them how to plan and carry out sales projects in an an efficient way; such that the Return on Investment (ROI) is maximised.

After the training session, the employers and the new employees of Pharmable Plus were mentally rejuvenated and went home with more knowledge and motivation than they had upon resumption. This goes to show that we all learn everyday, no matter how little, and knowledge is never a waste.

Training is a very vital aspect of performance management and we do not take it lightly.

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