Recruitment & Selection

Every organization will always need at least two or more employees to work together as a unit in order to achieve a good organizational goal. However; getting the right set of employees is also more important. How do you get the right set of employees is another question to be asked and as well be addressed strictly. It takes a process to get this set of people and this brings about recruitment.

Recruitment is key to getting the right set of people to team up with and get a job done, not only done but a job well done, for recruitment helps in creating a pool of suitable job applicants who are capable and fit in to perform the task that is required for the job. Getting the right applicants is also not enough for recruitment as selection process is also more important. Hence, it forms a base for selection process to take place as it will help in employing workforce that suits the organizational requirements.

Recruitment and selection is one of the most important aspects of human resource planning to  ensure that the right quality of employee are employed to achieve the organizational goals. During this process, recruiters  check  for the manpower that meets the requirements and job description that is being advertised  in the organization before any slection can take place.

Some key factors in achieving profitable recruitment selection as not all applicants are really qualified;

  1. Experience in the job
  2. Educational background
  3. Potentials and passion to learn, etc

At Bloombridge Consulting we source for the right candidates with exquisite skill and experience necessary to drive your company’s functions. Tell us whom you need  and we will provide you with personnel with the requisite skills and experience from our existing pool.

 We provide quality recruitment services, ranging from putting out job vacancy adverts, sorting applicants’ CVs, conducting interviews, and working with you to select the best candidates for available job roles. We ensure that you are provided with qualified professionals who would add immeasurable value to your business, and ensure you get value for salaries paid to your employees.


We are a team of young professionals with several years experience in HR, we are a leading business and management consulting firm, serving clients nation-wide through our Lagos office. We are a leading provider of recruitment and HR outsourcing services


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