Yes we can be your fully-fledged HR Department.

Today’s pace-setting executives understand the importance of giving their company a competitive advantage through HR processes and services that are ace. Ace means skilled and professional, expert and adept.

Our provider service offers you the opportunity to sign our company on as a full-fledged HR department of your organization.

We can take up your HR hassles and offer you a seamless interface.

Outsourcing your HR Service to our company means that we will take the initiative to manage and document your HR programs directly with your company’s CEO while equally liaising with your employees directly. Thus you will gain the advantage of our expert advice for at least 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week and 2080 hours a year in all or any of the following core HR areas:

HR Policy Manual Development and Roll out: We will develop and package your HR Management policies into a sound HR Manual, Staff Handbook, whatever you call it; and implement it through expert processes to cultivate your much desired behavior and organizational culture. Productive culture of course.
Salary Administration: Outsourcing to our company means the experts managing your Salary Administration procedures such as Cost of living Adjustment (COLA), Merit increases, etc.
New Hire Induction: If you outsource to our company, we will design and conduct sound new-hire induction programs to offer your new employees exciting induction into the organization while engineering a highly confident and productive culture. The program ensures that your employees think and act aright from day one.
Industrial Relations (Managing Management-Workers/Union Relations): We know the dynamics of Union-management engagement including relevant labour laws, local practices and collective agreements. The process requires sustained demanding discussions and negotiations and can be cumbersome and mundane to your company’s management. However it is indeed our pleasure t Ace. You can hire us as your management representative and we will put our experience and skills to practice to present and achieve your mandate; all so you can achieve efficiency, harmony and better management success in your company.
Managing Staff welfare schemes: We can set up and manage your organization’s Health Insurance, Group Life Insurance, staff Pension schemes, staff bus, canteen, etc with full maintenance support and statutory compliance. You can save cost and achieve better business focus and efficiency.
Employee Relations: We will apply our expertise to productively and manage your company’s grievance, Conduct and Discipline procedures and issues of staff movement such promotion, transfers, discipline, etc.
Job Descriptions:
Managing your company’s Performance program:
Organizational Development: We can assesses your current organizational issues and redesign your processes for efficiency gains. The outcome will accelerate slow processes within your organization, eliminate inefficiencies, improve productivity and control costs. We shall map current processes, identify constraints and review work issues. We shall do a root cause analysis, process redesign, improvement and implementation options and preparation of the implementation plan.
Project Close-out, Redundancy and Restructuring, Staff Skills Matrix and Audit: If as a result of your skills audit, competency analysis or new strategic direction you require advisory, engagement with the union or managing redundancy, we will help you implement it to achieve your mapped efficiencies.
The unprecedented redundancy, restructuring and Trade Dispute management at ABB Nigeria which occurred simultaneously in 2009 was managed by one of us who was serving as ABB’s Country HR Manager at the time. It is a rare experience which we have and which we can apply to help your company.
Chauffeur (Driver) Services, Technicians/Handyman Services, Janitor (Cleaner) Services: Our Artisans are classroom-trained in the development and application of work virtues, attitudes, integrity of work, and the profile of the client and environment. They are compliant by being able to make sketches and read circuit diagrams and building plans for information relevant to installation, trouble shooting and repairs. We do thorough pre- employment and criminal record checks for them so that altogether; we can employ who we need and who we know.
Any other HR function as your company may determine

Outsourcing your HR to us means that together we can achieve a workforce of highly productive people and people-culture for your organization. That, which is based on ethics and technical competence. We shall further offer you best people- templates and systems, efficient and effective employee-management relations and the best of everything HR Management.


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